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alternativesale is a DIRECT sales community.</p>

RULES - They are here to make things easier for everyone so PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING !!

Image hosting by Photobucket We ONLY deal with direct sales OR trades of the alternative persuasion. This means NO mainstream store sales, unless it REALLY fits with the community. To be more specific - no face creams, spice girls annuals, plant pots, puffa jackets etc. Things which appeal to the wider alternative market are accepted. Whether it's make-up, homewares, clothing, footwear, gig tickets, cds, dvds or accessories. ALL POSTS MUST BE SALES !

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Don't spam the community with ebay links. Short ads are fine, but all info should be in short, linked text or behind a cut !! If you do not know how to use these, please refer to Livejournal's FAQ.

Image hosting by Photobucket DESCRIBE YOUR ITEM WELL!!!! Also, make sure ALL items are clean and well packed before sending. Post pictures and item information behind a cut. You can provide a brief summary of what is behind a cut into the link. make sure to write detailed descriptions including size, colour, statement, and details of any modifications or flaws behind the cut. Commonly used terms:

  • BNWT - Brand new with tags

  • BNW/OT (or BNWOT)- Brand new without tags

  • BNIB - Brand new in box

  • BNW/OB (or BNWOB) - Brand new without box

IE: A corset is an item which reduces the waistline and has metal boning. A bustier looks like a corset but does not reduce the waist line and contains plastic boning. A basque looks like a corset with cups but does not reduce the waist line and contains plastic boning. A bustier, basque or a top with lacing is NOT a corset.

Image hosting by Photobucket Any buyers/sellers who have more than one complaint within a month will be BANNED. Please try and work out any problems between yourselves and keep the community happy and drama free. If an item is damaged or seriously misrepresented, the seller MUST provide a refund and the buyer must return the item. Only if disputes cannot be worked out between you should you leave a negative feedback.

Image hosting by Photobucket Please be polite, stay nice and happy, as we want this community to be ! There is no need to be rude. ALL INSULTING POSTS WILL BE DELETED by moderators. Off topic posts an non-sale post will also be deleted. Sorry.

Image hosting by Photobucket Sellers - remember some buyers are underhanded and may claim they have NOT received an item when they have. ALWAYS get proof of posting from the post office. It is recommended that you send items insured in case they do go amiss. Buyers - remember some sellers are underhanded. Paypal payments offer the best form of protection against online purchase theft. If you're sending cash, send it recorded delivery !

Image hosting by Photobucket ALL prices must be in BRITISH POUNDS STERLING. You're welcome to join and use the community from outside the UK, but PLEASE explain sizing when possible. Adding measurements with description is encouraged.

Image hosting by Photobucket THIS is the feedback post. Leave your feedback for others here! Feedback should be written as *username* + or *username* -. If leaving a negative, please make a short explanation on the reason.

Image hosting by Photobucket Reposts should either be ONCE A WEEK if new items and otherwise MONTHLY.

Image hosting by Photobucket Please EDIT your post with strike throughs. These are an HTML command which is < s > text < /s > ( without the spaces between the < > ). These let others know the item is sold and paid for and helps those browsing through older posts. To edit your entry in, click the pencil icon which appears in your post.

Image hosting by Photobucket PLEASE spread the word! A community is only as good as its members. The more people who join, the more customersyou have, the more choice you get to buy from :)

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